The Ultimate Social Media MARKETING Checklist


Put your feet up and relax, because I'm about to remove like… a ton of your marketing stress.

Don't miss a thing in your social media strategy… ever again.

I'm sharing methods I use every day for my marketing clients, and in my own business as well. This bundle will help you work SMARTER, not harder — and will reduce your brain clutter. 🧠🌀🥴

Here's what you'll get inside:











If you've never struggled with social media MARKETING, have you even lived?


I'll let you in on a little secret: we've all been there.

It's so hard to know what to do, in what order, how often, and the list goes on.


But that doesn't mean that there aren't ways to make it less overwhelming!


So I've designed this bundle specifically with YOU in mind, my friend. And I know it will help you get more views, clicks, and customers.


I'm a gal who's BIG on checklists.


Especially with my ADHD quirks, I need something to remind me of what stuff I need to do – oh, and remind me wtf I was just doing 😂 


These value-packed checklists help me stay on track so I can actually get (a lot of) my sh*t done! I mean who doesn’t love to put that checkmark next to a task and move to the next one?


I've compiled your social media marketing tasks and broken them down into a daily / weekly / monthly / quarterly / yearly list structure that will help you take back control of your social media presence and actually get results. Plus, it's super easy to follow and implement.

This had been my most-downloaded resource for years, but I knew I could make it even better. So we archived the old version, gave it a fresh coat of paint, updated the insides, and added on a few more layers of awesomeness to support you in taking your social media game to the next level!

Not only have I added quarterly AND yearly checklists, but I've also added printable weekly content calendar sheets! 

You'll get a sheet for each month (January through December) that you can print out any time, to write-in your days/dates and plot out your weekly content easily. print however many sheets you need and you're all set to fill them in.

And each sheet also includes my 7 go-to topics that any business can use any time to mix in with your own content on social media.



☑️ quick, digestible tips on what to do and when…

☑️ tips & tricks on how to be present for your audience...

☑️ and more!


My ultimate checklist bundle is a simple and convenient quick win that will make your content planning SO much easier throughout the whole year. It will give you a burst of inspiration, organization, and motivation as you work towards your marketing goal of being (a little) more consistent & intentional so you can grow awareness and maintain visibility for your brand. 😀💖


And I don't throw the word 'ultimate' in there lightly, btw… 

I really believe these value-packed checklists will be something you refer to again and again while you tackle your social media marketing efforts and plan out your content all year long.

Let's check a whole bunch off your marketing to-do list!




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